Countries of Anoria

The Mordian Empire

Conceived out of Mordana's hatred, and born out of Rurik's ambition, the Mordian empire is the strongest and newest nation of Anoria. The north has always been considered the weaker side of Anoria; their farms yeld less, their trees grow weaker, their summers are shorter, and their winters longer. Yet in this land of disadvantage is a people who face their challenges without fear, and don't let their grudges go easily. Bjorn the Black has taken up a new warpath, reuniting the formerly split kingdoms of Mordia, and looking to the south with hunger for conquest.

The Sun Kingdom

The oldest nation in Anoria, The Sun Kingdom has been ruled by a long line of Sun Kings, connecting to the Legendary King Daniel of Rudia. At it's inception the borders of the Sun Kingdom were limitless, stretching through nearly all of Anoria, a continent united under the hero of the war in heaven. Since those triumphant times the kingdom has been in steady decline, plagued by constant threat and weak rulers. Clouds gather over the kingdom, and the current Sun King Samuel seeks to lead his people to a brighter day.

The Kingdom of Nel'Dundur

The dwarven strongholds of the south were forged in the fires of rebellion, and honed in the crucible of violence. Few peoples have fought the powers below as much as the desert dwarves, and fewer still had the grit to survive centuries of it. Through their existence of constant skirmish, the dwarves have become renowned in nearly all of the many arts of warfare. They are fearless warriors, genius craftsmen, and cunning tacticians. Their isolation from the rest of the world gives them a very unwelcoming opinion of outsiders.

The Dawn Kingdom of Polaris

The Dawn Kingdoms are petty kingdoms ruled by the Dawn Kings, descendants of Daniel, but not able to claim the throne. They all function similarly to the Sun Kingdom in customs and culture, but each are free from the rule of the Sun King. Polaris was the first, and west most, dawn kingdom. It was granted to George of Solarum by the late Daniel X. George was the second born son of Daniel X, and while he could not legally inherent the throne, he convinced Daniel to succeed a portion of the kingdom to him after Daniel got into a dispute with his firstborn son. After the first dawn kingdom was created a small war was fought against the Sun Kingdom, ending in a victory for Polaris, and solidifying the legitimacy of the kingdom.

The Dawn Kingdom of Virgo

Virgo was the last Dawn Kingdom, situated in the middle of Polaris and Canis. The kingdom was created from a rebellion against the late Daniel XI, while also being hostile to Canis and Polaris. The two neighboring kingdoms had cut off access into the country and blockaded its ports. The hope was to force the country to submit to their rule while isolating the country from the Sun Kingdom. This plan was foiled when a legendary band of adventurers kidnaped both the leaders of Canis and Polaris and forced them to sign a treaty recognizing the independence of Virgo. The area was released from the Sun Kingdom by Daniel XI after his attempts at defeating the rebellion failed.

The Dawn Kingdom of Canis

Canis was the second Dawn Kingdom, and the east most dawn kingdom. It was created in the middle of the reign of Daniel XI. Daniel had gotten the crown into massive amounts of debt, largely to his brother William. William agreed to forgive the debt owed to him on the condition that he receive the lands that are now Canis. Today Canis is a large trade hub, and the wealthiest of the Dawn Kingdoms.

The Free Cities

The free cities are ancient cities, some of which can trace their roots back to the mysterious Tolkeks. While they are not a unified nation, and do not share a common council, many still refer to these cities as "The Free Cities."

Anitha: One of the largest and most powerful free cities. Known for its fighting pits and large navy.

Polis: The Republic of Polis is one of the largest free cities. Towns and villages hundreds of miles from Polis pay taxes to them in exchange for protection, and entry into Polis' lucrative trade market. They are ruled by a Senate of the 149 most influential and wealthy residents of Polis, and the Senate is directed by 6 of the most powerful Senators.

Reme: Expert diplomats and logisticians. Known for the Bank of Reme.

Hollinus: Obsessed with fire and forging. Expert smiths.

Rioja: Known for their magic users.

Altis: Known for their gems and expert jewlers. They also are excellent gold and silver smiths.

Byrmos: Known for their cattle and ship building. While not the wealthiest of city states, a large portion of merchant ships of the free cities are manned by Byrmian sailors, who are known for their resourcefulness.

Nopolos: Known for their excellent builders, Nopolos architects can be found designing some of the worlds most extravagant buildings.

Isla Rigos: Known for their wine, and citrus plantations. Isla Rigos is also home to many gambling houses and brothels. They are hostile with the elven kingdom of Calethmar for control of the island of Rialt.


Countries of Anoria

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