Factions of Anoria

Mordian Empire

Mordian Resistance: A collection of old nobility that managed to escape the chopping block, burghers that upset the emperor, and other Mordian dissidents.

The Skaolhammers: The elite shock troops of the Mordian empire. Created by Bjorn the Black during the first Mordian Expansion.

The Ard Taika Forsk: The magical research arm of Mordia. Once proud scholars of the Order of Librarians, they have now been forced to research magic's applications within war.



Sun Kingdom

The Kingdom Alliance: Political faction of Lords intent on isolationism and conservative use of the Kingdom's resources

The Greater Alliance: Political faction of Lords seeking to expand the influence of the Sun Kingdom

The Knights of Sol: The largest group of knights within the Sun Kingdom. Devout knights that serve the needs of the Sun Kingdom and come together during times of war and dire needs.

The Order of Librarians: The Order of Librarians have taken it upon themselves to preserve the knowledge within Anoria, as well as provide knowledge to the rest of Anoria. It is common for important cities and towns to have Libraries. The order is lead by the Grand Librarians from The Great Library.


The Dire Syndicate: A band of mercenaries that protects villages in territory not claimed by powerful countries.

The Marauders of Miur: The oldest and largest band of pirates. Located in the Miur Attol, the Marauders of Miur often make great voyages in attempts to plunder the Mythredatic sea, but few make it passed the navies of the Sun Kingdom and Anitha.

The Pact of Elyontir: The Pact of Elyontir is a holy order of Paladins headquartered in the Holy Palace in Elyontir. The devotees to the One are sent on missions to perform great deeds in the name of the All father. These missions can range from holy quests to slay evil, to ensuring the local populace is worship the right god.



Factions of Anoria

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