Religions of Anoria

The peoples of Anoria have a unique relationship with their gods. Long ago they threw away their oppressive gods alongside the giants. As such most of the peoples in Anoria do not worship the Old Gods.

The Syncretic Host – As time has progressed, so too have the religions of Anoria. The Syncretic Host is an alliance of those various religions. A pantheon of different religions. The Syncretic Host welcomes all, and offers hospitality to anyone within their doors, so long as they pay tithe to the syncretic council. This council is made from the 10 most dominant faiths within this collection. This is decided every 10 years. At the start of each year, the 10 faiths send the head to their religion to the syncretic council where they debate all matter of things for a month before declaring their 10 decrees for the year. While lesser organized religions are allowed within the Syncretic Host, in order to become an officially ordained priest you must go through a rigid bureaucratic process. This process involves a day long oral exam in which candidates must demonstrate deep knowledge of the 10 religions on the syncretic council. Officially ordained priests conduct the official business of the Host. Regions Present: Southern and Central Anoria

Tor Varlandain – When the world was created 3 gods were born. These gods were overthrown by the humans and the giants, however unbeknownst to the humans and the giants they awakened the fourth god, Tor Varlandain. Tor Varlandain is the God of Conquest, awakened by fierce combat and mass slaughter. He is drawn to combat and retreats to slumber when the fighting dies down. Tor Varlandain always fights alongside the victor and his presence is noted when the sun turns blood red, though rare is the battle bloody enough to wake him. He has recently gained a following in the Mordian Empire. Followers of Tor Varlandain seek to gain his favor through conquest and bravery in all things. They are governed by the Torvarian doctrine, which lays out a guideline on how to live one's life in order to maximize success and bravery. Regions Present: The Mordian Empire.

Order of the One: The Order of the One worships the "all father" or "one true god." Their followers believe that the all father came before the old gods, and that he is responsible for the creation of the gods and Anoria, and so he is the only god truly deserving of worship. The followers of the One believe that the best way to worship the One is through prayer and good deeds. Anoria is said to be tainted by the sins of the gods the came after the All Father, and so they must work to return Anoria to its original image created by the One. The followers of the one are generally intolerant and look down upon infidels and heretics. The Order itself is led locally by temples and monasteries who teach and preach their religion, and it is led as a whole by the Holy Palace, Er Caleth, in Elyontir.

The Whisper of the Woods: Those who live near the great forest will attest to its mysterious and magical nature. Those who live in the forest often worship the spirits of the forest as well as the great mother of the forest. The "whisper of the woods" refers to the power of the Forest Mother, and the spirits in the forest. The followers who worship this whisper believe that the forest is where the realm between the living and the dead is closest, and so the forest must be protected to allow safe passage for the dead to the afterlife in Harrenhiem. The tenants vary from tribe to tribe, but all tenants are consistent in their utmost respect for the dead, and their passionate devotion to the conservation of nature. Regions present: The Great Forest, other large forests.

Cult of the Old Gods: Some in Anoria still yearn for the days of the Old Gods return. Nearly every cult of the Old gods found has been shrouded in secrecy. Their followers are fanatically loyal to their cause, to the exclusion of all other pursuits. Regions present: Everywhere





Religions of Anoria

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