Timeline of Anoria

<u>Age of Creation</u>

An era of beginnings, much of the known world was created and man first walked the earth. It was a time of Mythos and Legend.

Cratus, God of Giants, creates giants and the world of Anoria.

Tella, Goddess of Men, creates man and greed in a fit of jealousy.

Myra, Goddess of Magic, gives the gifts of magic and ritual to the world.

<u>Age of Giants</u>

The age of giants ushered in an age of change. Not much is known about this far gone era, only known through legend and song.

<u>Age of Prophecy</u>

The Age of Prophecy brought in an age of wisdom never to be seen again. The famed Prophecies were written in this bygone era.

The Tolkek Empire Comes subjects itself to the control of the council of Shamans, Beginning the Age of Prophecy.

The Tolkeks disappear, ending the Age of Prophecy.

<u>The War in Heaven</u>

The first dark age. A time of terrible war, epic atrocity, and the world's end was quelled by the effort of true heroes.

The souls of the gods pool together forming the Powers Below.

The Library of Shamans is dragged down to the center of Anoria by the Powers Below.

The Fracture of Anoria by the powers below.

Demonic hosts begin surfacing, dragging men down to the center of Anoria.

Erik Fellhammer, the last Human heir to the Tolkek empire descends alone to fight the powers below. He does not return.

Daniel of Rudia unites all people of the West to fight the powers below. Their assault stops abruptly, ending the war in Heaven.

<u>The Rise of the Sun Kingdom</u>

The beginning of the first great power of Anoria. Coming from great begginings, the current Sun Kingdom is a shell of its former self.

The Coalition that beat back the Powers Below unite under war hero Daniel of Rudia, forming the Sun Kingdom.

Vacilia the Druid plunges herself into the fracture, hoping to become one with the Powers Below, and command their power as a mortal conduit.

Great Sorceress Mordana vows vengeance on Sun King Kevin of the Sun Kingdom, after being banished to the North.

<u>The Rise of the Mordian Empire</u>

The next power to rise. Coming from the far north, an army under the command of Emperor Rorik the Great conquered more land than any nation before it.

Rorik the Great bands the tribes of the North and proclaims a new empire, beggining his legendary warpath.

Sun King Daniel IX orders the execution of the last giants. 10 of the remaining 13 giants in the world are slain.

The forging of the Twin Hammers, Tor and Tes. Imbued with ancient magic made to slay giants. Given to the Sun King and his heir as a sign of their right to rule.

The Free City of Anitha bets its fate in a duel between Ulthor Hammerforge and Alexander the Swift. Alexander is victorious.

Rorik the Great sacks the trading port of Harborholm, beginning a war with the Sun Kingdom.

The battered warpath of Rorik the Great meets the armies of the Sun Kingdom at the Tilyan Plains. The massive battle ended in victory for the Mordians, but the cost too great to continue the once mighty warpath.

Rorik and Sun King Daniel IX meet after the battle and sign the Treaty of Solarum. The Mordian Empire agrees to end its war against the Sun Kingdom and the Sun Kingdom recognizes the Legitimacy of the Mordian Empire.

Rorik the Great dies in the Mordian Capital of Dawnfall, on his deathbed he names his son Kollskegg Rorikson as the heir to his empire. The capital is renamed Roriksholm in his honor.

<u>Age of Peace</u>

After the dissolution of the Mordian empire, an era of peace began. Peasants lived in peace, cities prospered, and kings grew fat…

Bane Bjornson dies without naming an heir, his sons create the Kingdoms of Southland, Midmordia, and Upland. The Era of Peace begins.

Thor Swiftsailor becomes the first man to cross The Fracture.

The oldest band of pirates, The Mauraders of Miur, forms.

<u>Age of Strife</u>

Bjorn the Black reforms the empire by executing his fellow kings during the yearly feast.

Invasion of the south by the empire.

Lost Tolkek ruins begin resurfacing, including rooms from the Library of Shamans.

Uncovering of the final Tolkek prophecy

The powers below begin to stir after 1000 years.

Timeline of Anoria

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