[Legendary Artifacts]

     Throughout the world of Anoria there are Legendary Artifacts imbued with unnatural powers, some even granted by Myra herself. Many adventurers travel the world in search of the most precious lost artifacts, although most come up empty handed.

The Sun Swords

Forged for each Sun King, the Sun Swords are powerful swords named after their wielder. It is said that the greatest kings wielded the mightiest swords, some believe that the righteousness of a King imbues the power of his sword.

Danios – Legendary Magic Item – Location Unkown – Danios, the first of the Sun Swords, is said to be the greatest in power out of all the known Sun Swords. Forged before the creation of the Sun Kingdom and during the height of the War in Heaven. Daniel's blacksmith, Solin Shortfoot, worked for 20 days and 20 nights to perfect the material and artifice its power. When Daniel first wielded it it's said that he slew a Pit Demon in one swing.

Kevikos – Location Unkown – Kevikos has no recorded effects for combat, but is said to give the weilder tremendous Wisdom.

Danios II – Location: Solarum - Daniel II, the boy king, wielded this sword with near inhuman speed, making it hard to defend against attacks from Danios II.

Danios III – Location: Unkown - It's said that Daniel III hurried the forging of his sunsword to be ready for his coronation, which he wanted held on his birthday. Accounts of the sword state that it is ineffective without perfect technique.

Fredrickos – Location: Solarum – Fredrickos moved as swiftly as Danios II, but not as precisely. To make up for this Sun King Frederick would swing twice where any man could swing once.

Danios IV – Location: Solarum - Daniel IV was a strong king that is said to have stuck straight through tree trunks with his sword. The power of the sword imbues the wielder with that strength.

Danios V – Location: Solarum - Danios V does not match the power of Danios IV, yet its said that on a bad day the sword was more useful in combat for Danios V than his father's ever was.

Danios VI – Location: Solarum - Danios VI is also known as "Bright Sun" as the sword glows during the heat of battle. The sword becomes incredibly hot and adds to the damage of the swing.

Danios VII – Location: Solarum - Danios VII has the ability to completely stop or regain its own momentum, either showing last minute mercy or catching anyone on the recieving end completely by surprise.

Danios VIII – Location: Solarum - Danios VIII is a cruel sword. It is said that cuts from Danios VIII never heal.

Danios IX – Uncommon Magic Item – Location: Solarum - It is said that Daniel IX, being unhappy with his own swords power, called a crusade against the last Giants. When the crusade was finished, the sword never drew blood again.

Danios X – Uncommon Magic Item – Location: Solarum Danios X has never been used in combat. Sun King Daniel X was disgusted by violence and outlawed it during his reign.

Danios XI – Rare Magic Item – Location: Unkown - The sword of Daniel "the fool." Daniel XI rarely used his Sun Sword in combat, and it eventually became lost to him. Much of its power is not known.

Tanros Location: Unkown - Tanros has tremendous power yet is incredibly unwieldy. When Tanner fought hits were few and far between, but incredibly powerful. King Tanner lost the sword in a drunken bet. 

Jos – Location: Solarum – Jos has the ability to make the move much twice as fast as he otherwise could, and jump twice as high.

Samuos – Location: Wielded by Sun King Samuel – Samuos is the youngest Sun Sword. King Samuel has made no bold statements about it's power. Public displays have shown that he has an impeccable defense with the sword.

Black Sun

There are no official accounts of Black Sun. Only accounts are from far gone legends and nursing rhymes made to scare children. Those that claim to have seen it swear to it, often at expense of their reputation.

Location: Unknown – Black Sun is told to feed off of the fear in people's hearts. It is said the more fear there is in the world, the more powerful Black Sun becomes.

Bright Sun

The only tales of Bright Sun come from heroic adventurers. Although they could not produce evidence of the sword, they say that the sword came to them in an hour of need.

Location: Unknown – Bright Sun is the legendary sister sword to Black Sun. Unlike it's terrible sister, Bright Sun's power is said to be connected to the user's own devotion to righteousness. The more good in the wielder's heart, the more powerful it becomes.

Shaman Staffs

The Shaman Staffs are the eight staffs that were believed to be passed down through the council of Shamans.

Li'tok - Location: Inner Sanctum of the Great Library – Li'tok grants the power of foresight to the weilder. One must be cautious using it, as trying to see too far, or using the staff too much, will cause the wielder to enter an irrecoverable trance. Believed to be in a state of constant foresight.

Ym'gru – Location: Inner Sanctum of the Great Library – Ym'gru allows those versed in magic to cast more spells than they previously could.

Fir – Location: Inner Sanctum of the Great Library – Fir has the ability to grasp the attention of all sentient beings in it's vicinity.

Du'turoth - Location: Unkown - Du'turoth grants the ability of teleportation, however, it is not known how controllable the teleport is.

Untul - Location: Inner Sanctum of the Great Library – The bearer of Untul is able to speak and understand any language they hear or read.

Tel – Location: Unkown - Tel grants it's wielder the power to make large and complex calculations in an instant. Grand Librarian Gorji was banished after it was lost during his oversight. Gorji suspiciously remains incredibly financially comfortable after his banishment. 

Eredok - Location: Unkown - Eredok allows the wielder to communicate with and summon spirits from the afterlife. Stolen from the Great Library by an unknown group, believed to be necromancers.

Unkown - Location: Inner Sanctum of the Great Library – No name inscribed on the staff. Believed to be an amplifier of the wielders abilities, but no conclusive results have come from testing.

Vanquisher, Axe of the New Age

The axe Mordana forged for Rorik to conquer the world with. Bjorn the Black has taken up his ancestor's axe upon his new conquest.

Location – Wielded by Bjorn the Black – Its power is largely kept secret by the Mordians. Accounts of Rorik's conquest state that the axe was always by Rorik's side, even in peace. Legend says that the wielder cannot be killed in battle.

Grimar's Superior Sail

"Grimar made the finest ships that sailed, and his crowning achievement will never be bested by another shipwright. Unfortunate that his greatest feat will be shadowed by his greatest mistake of losing the damn thing." 

Location – Unknown (thought to be stolen by pirates) – This sail, created by Grimar Grimarson, rigs itself and controls its own position based on the wind and the maneuvers attempted by the ships captain.

Serpent's Smile, the Mask of Deception

The Serpent's Smile is hidden somewhere within the Free City of Polis, its wearer is evermore cunning than the last.

Location – Free city of Polis – The Serpent's Smile blends in with its wearers face. When the wearer lies, the mask aids the wearer's face and speech to sell their lie.

Dream rider

Dream rider is an ancient cloak of unkown origins, thought to be one of the many wondrous items created in the Age of Prophecy.

Location – Unknown – Dream rider is a tattered cloak with text along the edges in giant. Those who can read giant will read "Ride swift to the refuge of the dream." Wearing the cloak grants you the power to enter the dream of others.

The Echos of the Old Gods

While the story of man's betrayal of the gods is well known, lesser known is the story of their final cries. When the gods were weak and dying, the final words of the gods created weapons and artifacts imbued with the little power they had left.

Fury – Location – Unknown – Legends say Fury is a maul forged by the cries of Tella. Whoever is hit by Fury feels the hatred of the Old Gods.

Greed – Location – Unknown – Greed is said to be a dagger, made from blood from the heart of Tella. The user of greed shall find ease in achieving their ambitions.

Hope – Location – Unknown – Hope is an unbreakable shield crafted by the fading last song of Cratus. When hope is wielded, it is thought that the wielder will never yield to their opponents, no matter how strong.

Change – Location – The Great Library – Scholars believe Change was created by the cries of Myra. Change is a glove that allows the user to reach through walls.

Bravery – Location- The Mordian Resistance – The echo of Bravery, also known as the Horn of House Hamrar, was recently uncovered from the Battle of Norolond. It's said that the horn must be blown "when no man is without fear" and it grants those allies that can hear the horn great inspiration in battle.

Grief – Location – Unknown – It is said that Grief is the first and last tear of Cratus. When his tear reached the ground, a net was made. Those wholly caught in Grief cannot escape without the help of others.

Passion – Location – Unknown – Passion is a sword from one of the first cries of Tella. The wielder of Passion will find great fortune in their fights, but it is said that once the wielder uses a weapon other than Passion, it will never work for them again.

Hatred – Location – Unknown – There are tales of Hatred, but none tell a consistent story. Some describe it as a sword, some call it an axe, some don't even describe it as a weapon at all. Although its existence is doubtful, the stories are consistent in one detail: That its effects overshadow any of the other echos, and the user must sacrifice something to use it.


[Legendary Artifacts]

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